Customer Success Training

Customer Success Manager roles and responsibilities can be diverse with responsibilities varying depending on stage of company growth and organizational design. CSMs and CSM team managers, particularly at early stage SaaS companies, come from a variety of backgrounds including Support, Account Management and even from non operational backgrounds.  Our training modules are designed to provide CSMs and their managers with the necessary practical skills and knowledge to be effective supporting a recurring revenue business.

We deliver both remote and instructor led training courses in Customer Success operations.

All modules have a real world practical bias and participants get useful notes and guides that they can put to immediate use back in their jobs.

We work with you to understand your teams status and traininneeds, what to emphasise during training and design a customer learninig experience from the required mix of modules. Where Customer Success Software is being deployed , training can meld ini appropriate references to Customer Success Software capabilities.

We discuss our Client’s teams current status and unique training needs and use that to design a custom learning experience using the required mix of topics.

Bottom line, your CSM team will gain the knowledge needed to be more effective back on the job and  CSM leaders will gain key knowledge and insights to develop a roadmap to support their teams and to engage the broader organization more effectively.

Customer Success Training modules – for CSMs

All modules target duration = 1 hr.

Effective communication with different customers and customer roles

Participants will learn the key roles and responsibilities of different functional departments and the key motivations and  expectations of different roles and personas.  Anticipating and planning for different conversations to advance  CSM and customer’s success goals. Consultative conversations. Communication and stakeholder management at different stages during the Customer Success process.

Managing difficult conversations

Participants will discuss typical difficult scenarios and how to manage resulting conversations. Topics such as  product features not being as expected to integrations not working to mentions of cancellation of contracts. How to regain control and momentum towards a mutually successful outcome. Using difficult situations to  personally deliver value and build trust.


Participants will learn to categorize different types of churn, churn avoidance strategies, retention focus using customer’s success goals, process and people factors, Sales alignment. Risk assessments and mitigation along the Customer Success process.

SaaS metrics

Participants will discuss typical SaaS metrics and specifically those in Customer Success and how they contribute to a recurring revenue business. Customer health score segmentation and configuration in the context of customer success software and how complimentary metrics e.g. Net Promoter Score  (NPS) can help Customer Success.

Structured Problem Solving

Equally applicable to Technical Support roles, structured problem solving methodology can prove very useful in managing customer success, especially when inevitable problems arise. Taking the right actions consistently across the team to minimize business impact  and recover with robust corrective actions and effective stakeholder management.


Managing and account portfolio

Participants will learn how to manage an expanding account portfolio and understand approaches to segmenting their account base, identifying high , medium and low touch accounts, leveraging relationships in Sales and Support and managing time . Onboarding strategies and the basics of Alerting  using Customer Success software to help effectively manage accounts.

Effective business reviews ( xBRs)

Review meetings as a Customer Success process step. Planning for value add for you and your customer. Effective meeting agendas and avoiding common pitfalls. Post xBR activities and building value and trust at every interaction.

Customer Success Goals, delivering value and Success Plans

Participants will learn how to capture customers success goals. Success plans and advocacy requests tied to success milestones. Buying centre /stakeholder value expectations, using the Business review to articulate value internally and externally.

Managing and engaging Internal stakeholders

Participants will learn about the opportunities to leverage internal stakeholder groups to maximize customer success outcomes. Aligning with and handing over from Sales, Support Leverage, Feedback insights to product development.

Risk Assessment and mitigation

Participants learn about identifying and managing typical risk factors at key stages along the Customer Success process.  Practical examples of things to watch out for at each stage and how to go about managing that risk.

Customer Success Training modules – for CSM Leaders

Combined duration = 1 day with modules approximately =1hr.


Knowing your product: The importance of learning your product and walking in your customers shoes. Benefits in designing on-boarding and adoption content and process, being able to understand and credibly articulate customer’s feedback to internal stakeholders. Understanding and explaining customer usage patterns and determining improvement actions.


Knowing your customers: What they like and don’t like about your product and services. What does good feature adoption look like by stage to achieve time to value? What customer insights can you bring back to your internal stakeholders? Practical tools, techniques and processes to gain customer insights. Identifying customer advocates and promoters. What is the ideal successful customer profile?

Stakeholder Management

Engaging your stakeholder departments to optimize customer success. The importance of sales alignment to acquire the right customer profile, understanding the buying centre including who the customer supporters are and defining customers’ success goals. Leveraging support and marketing and engaging Product Development with key product insights. Engaging executive sponsors to enhance customer relationships.







Hiring, retaining, developing and compensating CSMs. Key skills and competencies, where to find talent, development and retention tactics, compensation planning.

Coaching the team: success plans and managing for success along the Customer Success process. Understanding the customer’s success goals and execution of the internal Customer Success process including engagement models and risk management. Account Assignment strategies and use of technology including customer success software, scheduling, and collaboration technologies.


Metrics – key metrics for Customer Success and complimentary metrics e.g. NPS. Qualitative insights and customer conversations. Segmented health scores including component metrics and use of Customer Success software.

Scaling your CSM team. Increasing productivity and improving cost efficiency. Using automation and Customer Success data analytics software. Alerting, Workflows and playbooks. Technology and the associated processes and skills requirements. Use of global low cost locations.


Supporting Revenue: Renewals management risk assessment and forecasting. Revenue Expansion, identifying upsell opportunities and balancing upsell with Customer Success.


Coaching for Customer Success leadership

Many Customer Success team managers are either new to Customer Success or new to managing and leading a Customer success operation or both. New Customer Success leaders can access a supportive regular coaching service to help with day to day Customer Success operations and with developing and leading a Customer Success strategy. Typically this could be 1hr/week or every 2 weeks and adjusted as needed. Particularly when combined with the CSM Leadership training, this provides supportive and  timely coaching whilst freeing up your executive leadership to focus on other parts of the business.