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Blog Part 2 of 2: The Customer Success Journey

Once you have an understanding of your customers’ business goals and an agreed upon success plan, you can then execute a systematic process that leads to customer success at scale. The typical B2B Customer Success process includes: Acquisition of the right customer that represents a good fit for your application. Onboarding to get your customer [...]

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Blog Part 1 of 2: Customer Success isn’t what YOU think

Customers purchase your software to address a business challenge or opportunity. Transitioning to your product will likely require changes in processes, work practices and behaviours. This represents a risk for the executive sponsor, the champion and the leadership of the department concerned. As a customer success manager, you can mitigate this risk by putting the [...]

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NPS not working? A metric is not enough – It needs to be a system.

Many articles claim that implementing the Net Promoter Score ® will solve business problems, from increasing loyalty and improving retention to increasing customer and employee engagement. However Net Promoter Score, as a metric, will not singularly achieve improvements. For most, the S in NPS is still ‘Score’ and the Net Promoter Score is exactly that, [...]

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Customer Experience feedback conversations – some practical considerations

In a previous blog article, I discussed how customer conversations can offer rich feedback to complement quantitative feedback from surveys. The following considerations may be useful in structuring such conversations to get maximum return for you and for your customer. Your goal should be to target feedback in a few key areas such as to [...]

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Customer experience measurements – which one to start with?

A previous Blog post dealt with initial steps in getting the customer experience measurement and improvement journey started in your organisation. This article offers some suggestions with introducing some metrics and customer feedback methodology. Introducing Basic CX measurement customer feedback: There are several possible customer satisfaction and loyalty metrics including Customer Satisfaction (% C-Sat), Net [...]

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The customer experience measurement and improvement journey falls to you – Where do you start?

Organisations will need at some point to embrace customer experience (CX) to retain existing customers, or to gain new customers, or both. In an ideal world your CEO would see this as a top priority and mandate a tops down approach that everyone supports and falls in line with. Reality is often different requiring someone [...]

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