Customer Success Services

While Customer Success software has the ability to transform the effectiveness of a SaaS Customer Success team, for optimum results, it needs to be implemented correctly and coupled with appropriate business processes, metrics and a team that have the necessary skills and knowledge.

Our customer success engagement packages can be customized with add-on service items to address your specific Customer Success process challenges. Coupled with our training modules, you can prepare your Customer Success team to get the most from any investment in Customer Success technology.

We have decades of experience in the Technology industry with deep operational experience of Customer Success and Support. We have built and led Customer Success and recurring revenue operations at European and Global levels and provide consulting expertise for many companies from startups to mid stage to mature organizations.

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Customer Success Consulting


For Customer Success teams in startup or in early stages of development

  • Definition of Customer Success team initial processes and metrics to support business goals or
  • Assessment of initial Customer Success operation and fitness for purpose against business goals. Assess strengths, weaknesses, improvement opportunities.
  • Improvement options and prioritized plan. Assist presentation of resource requirements, timelines, dependencies and ROI for approval.
  • Review/Definition of metrics and associated business process . Technology and process recommendations and implementations to get the required data and information.


For Customer Success teams challenged with scale and those looking to get to the next level in operational efficiency

  • Analysis of Customer Success operation key challenges, key performance indicators and business processes. Optimization of CS business process appropriate for your business and the stage of CS team development.
  • Beyond metrics: Validating key insights and defining improvement strategy to support business goals.
  • Improvement options and prioritized plan. Assist presentation of resource requirements, timelines, dependencies and ROI for approval. Hands on implementation support of plan deliverables as needed.
  • Success Plans – alignment between Customer’s and your Success plans and desired outcomes.
  • Customer Success and Customer Support team engagement strategies.


For developing Customer Success Teams who want help with specific improvement strategies

  • Customer success data analytics software .
  • Optimization of CS business processes to get the most from CS software
  • Alignment and engagement strategies with broader organisational stakeholders for Success
  • Hiring, developing and retaining Customer success and Support Teams
  • Training – CSM, Manager and leadership level. One off and modular.
  • Customer success plan methodology
  • QBR/EBR planning and execution

Every engagement is unique and can be tailored with Add on service elements

Training – CSM, Manager and leadership level

  • The above services applied to Customer Support operation
  • Leadership mentoring and support
  • Recruitment assistance – selection and onboarding of talent up to senior leadership level
  • Customer feedback technology and process


We are the European partner for Natero – The data driven customer success
platform for SaaS subscription revenue business.

Businesses are much more focused on increasing customer lifetime value % cross and upsell revenue % and customer retention % as opposed to new customer acquisition %
Forrester Research Inc

We are the European partner for Natero – the data driven customer success platform for SaaS subscription revenue business.

Natero helps Customer Success Managers maximize customer lifetime value, identify which accounts are at risk, which customers are ready for expansion, and which trials are likely to convert. Natero integrates with your other software tools so you can leverage all of your customer data. It captures customer activity, support ticket and financial information from leading systems providers and allows you to create rule-based alerts to track key customer milestones. Together with machine learning algorithms you can predict who’s at risk or likely to buy more, allowing you to take the right proactive actions.

How does Natero work?

  • Predict who is likely to churn or buy more.
  • Create playbooks to respond to any potential alert.
  • Capture detailed product usage down to individual users.
  • Uncover actionable insights from your customer data.
  • Create highly targeted email campaigns to drive behaviors within your product.
  • See critical SaaS metrics like MRR, churn, CLV and more.

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